Prosthetics at Graphica Medica, LLC offers custom prosthetic solutions for patients missing fingers, toes, or other partial anatomy of the hand or foot. These medical-grade silicone prostheses are designed to restore function as well as appearance using a multistep fitting technique that is unique in the field of partial hand and foot prosthesis.


Our technique results in custom-designed prostheses made from a wide range of materials to emphasize long-term comfort and functional fit. Our design process combines classical artistic and anatomical training with a digital workflow that maximizes our accuracy and quality.


With correct care and maintenance, a partial hand or foot prosthesis will last several years. 

All prostheses are guaranteed with a six month warranty.



Partial Hand Prosthesis - Finger

Partial Hand Prosthesis - Finger Prostheses

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Partial Hand Prosthesis - Toe