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Bone-anchored implants are an excellent means of retaining facial prostheses. Our staff of anaplastologists is certified to work with craniofacial implant systems and will work with you and your doctors to plan the implant surgery.    

Implants can be placed in one surgery, or in two separate surgeries spaced 3 months apart. We always wait at least 3 months after the implants are placed to start fabrication of the prosthesis.            

Certain patients, especially those who have undergone radiation therapy or extensive reconstructive surgery, may have restrictions when it comes to getting implants. You should consult with your surgeon as to whether you are a good candidate for implant surgery. 

The patient visits us and a pre-surgical impression is taken.

2   A model of the anatomy is sculpted, and a surgical template for implant positioning is made and provided to the surgeon. 

3   After the implants have been placed and allowed to heal, the patient visits us for a post-surgical impression. 

The final prosthesis is designed and fabricated over two to three visits.

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