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Auricular prostheses, or artificial ears, are the most common type of prosthesis we make. Many children are born missing an ear or with only a small portion of an ear. This condition, called microtia, can occur on one side or both sides of the head. For these patients, and for patients who lost ears due to cancer or traumatic injury, we create realistic silicone prostheses that restore symmetry to the face and support their eyeglasses, hearing aids, and even 3D glasses!

Prosthetic ears can be glued in place with medical adhesive or biface tape, or held on with bone-anchored implants. 

Young children can wear adhesive-retained ears while their parents and physicians made the decision to proceed with reconstructive or implant surgery. These ears can then be used as templates for implant placement.         

When a patient has received bone-anchored implants, the decision to choose a bar and clip attachment or magnetic attachment depends on the patient’s age, personal preference, and level of activity.

Both systems are used with great success to hold the prosthesis securely in place. We will work with the patient, family, and physicians to decide what method of retention is best. 

Auricular Prosthesis - Implant Retained


Auricular Prosthesis - Bilateral - Implant Retained

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