An ocular prosthesis, also known as an artificial eye, is made of medical-grade acrylic plastic and designed to match the size, shape, and color of the opposite eye. This type of prosthesis is made when the globe of an eye is damaged or removed, but the eyelids and surrounding tissue remains. In some cases, an individual might need to wear an ocular in both eyes.


At Prosthetics at Graphica Medica, LLC, we custom design each ocular using several specialized fitting methods in order to ensure maximum retention and comfort for each individual’s socket. We spend time with each patient in order to determine the best solution to fit their lifestyle and match their unique image.


Annual polishing/cleaning of an ocular prosthesis is recommended. With correct care and maintenance, an ocular prosthesis will last several years, but may need to be replaced if changes occur in the eye socket that affect the fit, position, or comfort.

Patient's Left Eye: Ocular Prosthesis

Patient's Right Eye: Natural Eye in socket

Design process, color matching (incomplete prosthesis)