In 2018, Prosthetics at Graphica Medica will begin to offer custom and non-custom prosthetic solutions for post-mastectomy patients.

Custom breast forms are intended to restore symmetry and the physical appearance of one's breast when worn with a bra and clothing. Custom forms are different from non-customs in that they are designed to intimately conform to the chest wall. Additionally, they are intended to be worn directly against the skin, not within the pocket of a mastectomy bra.


While a pocketed mastectomy bra is not necessary, certain design features of one's bra are recommended to ensure the bra can support your prosthesis and to prevent or manage lymphedema. 


Like non-custom prostheses, a custom prosthesis is a non-invasive option for individuals who have undergone breast trauma from mastectomy, lumpectomy, injury, failed reconstruction or birth defects, as well as for those who are not candidates for breast reconstruction after mastectomy and lumpectomy. A custom prostheses is often a promising solution for those needing a partial prosthesis following a lumpectomy or who have asymmetric remaining breast tissue.

Adequate healing must take place following surgery before a patient should be fit for a custom or non-custom prosthesis. When fitting a patient for a custom prosthesis, the patient is scanned using a non-invasive, 3D scanning system to record the detailed contours of the chest wall. The patient is also scanned wearing a fitted non-custom prosthesis to record the intended size and shape of their custom prosthesis.

These prostheses offer an additional level of customization by providing a more specific skin-tone match and the option for nipple detail and color matching. 

A custom breast prosthesis is covered by most insurance plans. Prosthetics at Graphica Medica is a healthcare provider contracted with some local insurance companies as an in-network provider including Medicare and Medicaid. We will advocate on your behalf prior to any financial obligations. Prosthetics at Graphica Medica will attempt to secure the highest level of coverage for your prosthesis as permitted by your plan, and manage appeals and out-of-network coverage exceptions. 

Please contact us with any questions you have about custom breast prostheses, and whether you might be a strong candidate for this prosthetic option. We will also help you determine your eligibility for coverage of a custom breast prosthesis.