Somatic Prostheses

Our somatic prostheses include fingers, partial hands, and nipples. Somatic prostheses are artistically and technically engineered to restore form and function, allowing a patient to return to daily activities.  For example, prosthetic fingers restore grasping ability to the wearer and normalize the appearance of the hand.

At Prosthetics at Graphia Medica, LLC, somatic prostheses are made of silicone that mimics skin in softness and is natural in appearance. We spend time with each individual to carefully sculpt and paint each prosthesis to match color and texture. These prostheses are held in place with liquid adhesives, tape, or natural suction/friction. 

With correct care and maintenance, a somatic prosthesis will last several years.

All prostheses are guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

Somatic Prostheses - Graphica Medica
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