Facial Prostheses 


Prosthetics at Graphica Medica, LLC creates custom-designed silicone prostheses to replace that part of the face missing due to congenital conditions, traumatic injury, or cancer.  Facial prostheses are artistically and technically engineered to restore form and function, as well as to harmonize with the proportions of the face. We spend time with each individual to carefully sculpt and paint each prosthesis to match color and texture and establish a comfortable fit. 

Facial and somatic prosthetic treatment is a good option for the patient who is missing anatomy and for whom surgical reconstruction is not possible or not desired.  Facial prostheses can also be worn as an interim treatment for a patient who is undergoing radiation therapy or is awaiting additional surgery. These durable silicone prostheses can be retained with liquid adhesives, tape, or with osseointegrated craniofacial implants.  We have created a checklist for the healthcare team to coordinate all steps of the osseointegrated implant treatment process.


Facial Prosthesis - Graphica Medica
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