Facial Prostheses

Facial prostheses are artificial eyes, ears, and noses, which replace a part of the face missing since birth or removed due to burns, trauma, or cancer.  At Prosthetics at Graphica Medica, LLC, we artistically and technically engineer prostheses to restore form and function as well as to harmonize with the proportions of the face.

Made of durable, medical-grade silicone, facial prostheses mimic skin in softness, feeling and looking natural.  We spend time with each individual to carefully sculpt and paint each prosthesis to match color and texture.

With correct care and maintenance, a facial prosthesis will last several years.

All prostheses are guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

Click to view prosthetic galleries of ears, noses, eyes.

Facial Prostheses - Graphica Medica
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