Business hours are by appointment only Monday through Friday.  Appointments may also be scheduled outside of normal business hours to accommodate your busy schedule. You can visit us at our Rochester office or Minneapolis office, and we can also schedule consultation appointments in clinics, hospitals, and doctors' offices.

There is no charge for the first visit. Family members and friends are welcome at all appointments. After the initial consultation, creating a facial prosthesis requires a minimum of four appointments, each lasting one to two hours.  Implant-retained prostheses will require additional appointments.  You can schedule multiple appointments in one week or stretch them over several weeks.

We've created a more detailed treatment plan to describe this process further. 

The process of creating a prosthesis can begin as soon as your doctor says it's possible.  If surgery or radiation therapy was involved, we wait at least two weeks after your last surgery or treatment date in order to allow your skin to heal.


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